Grand Junction Attorney, Steve Laiche

Criminal Law

Following graduation from Tulane Law School, Stephen Laiche began as an Assistant District Attorney in the New Orleans District Attorney’s Office. During his six years in the District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Laiche tried numerous serious felonies. This is where he honed his skills as a trial attorney. Following his time at the New Orleans District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Laiche was an Assistant Attorney General for the Louisiana Department of Justice. He traveled the state assisting in prosecutions for various District Attorney Offices.

In 1987 Mr. Laiche was recruited to the Mesa County District Attorney’s Office and moved to Grand Junction to assume the position of Assistant District Attorney.  In May 1989, he joined the predecessor law firm to Griff, Larson, Laiche & Wright.

Mr. Laiche represents accused persons. He practices extensively throughout western Colorado and in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado.

Mr. Laiche enjoys a very busy trial schedule and is considered among his peers as a preeminent trial attorney.  Mr. Laiche is often called upon by the Judges of different jurisdictions to represent indigent persons accused of serious crimes.

Mr. Laiche is the father of 3 children ages 20 through 14.

Mr. Laiche thoroughly enjoys the practice of law. Persons claim that his hobby is “being a lawyer.”

Mr. Laiche teaches Criminal Justice at Colorado Mesa University.  He is a sponsor of the University’s cycling team.

His roots to Louisiana remain strong. He regularly ventures to Louisiana to enjoy Mardi Gras and to watch his NFL Saints play.

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